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Incinerator Ridge, Mt. Lemmon, AZ, 8/2017

It's been a hard, heated, complicated year. For the past six months, I've been looking at the sky and reading the news like you have, and wondering what. this. is. I've wondered what to change, and how to help.

The idea of sending out a newsletter sounded strange and overwhelming. There was so much I could screw up. "How does what I'm writing matter, again?," I'd think whenever I started typing. So I decided it was important to step back for a while and figure things out.

I searched for organizations and information that would tell me plainly, go here. Study this. Act now. I've been listening to many educational podcasts. I've heard about and joined several round table discussion groups. My journal has gotten pretty darned full. And because you've needed a place to let it go, I've hosted online Listen & Flow classes every week since all this crazy started.

Like you, maybe, I'm still in the soup! Still learning, fumbling, brainstorming. I understand now that I have to keep making things. And I need to keep my shingle swinging, even when I doubt my abilities as a writer, facilitator and coach.

Other discoveries: I'm like a golden retriever whenever I see a smiley neighbor across the street. I drove two hours to walk with my son around a park. We lived! I remembered that trees are still available for hugs, so I hug them. And I get now that massaging my husband's feet when he's tired is more important than cleaning out a closet.

Thank you, life school!

Sending you light, wherever you are, whatever you're going through. (Emphasis: through.)



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