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Consulting and Editorial Services

Writing-Creativity Coaching 


Coaching is a fun and just-for-you conversation about your current writing project or creative puzzle. How it works: I listen a lot, ask you questions and encourage. I toss around ideas about how you might "re-see" your process or project. I also love to suggest resources, play-activities or exercises you might try. Together we figure out what kind of help you need. Essentially, I'm your friendly and artsy writing guide, walking with you the whole way. 


My top three goals:

  1. To allow you to see your great wisdom and magic

  2. To gently advise and empower you to find solutions to your creative questions

  3. To listen and give you loads of space to explore 


Telephone or Zoom sessions are $60 per hour.  In-person sessions are $70 per hour. First consultation (up to 30 minutes) is complimentary; a time to ask/answer questions about how coaching might work for you. Contact me!



"... Traci is a wise and deep cheerleader. I struggled to find what I needed in this project called “my writing": piles of journals and loads of recordings. How, what, where was I to go? ...Traci listened compassionately and acted as a guru of sorts in that she “zen’d” me into my process though I didn't know where I was going... A writing coach who gets you going, and doesn't just get you started... that is true mentoring. Be cultivated, be fostered, be nurtured by Traci as your coach. Supercalifragilousdicexpialidolicious!"


Alison Torba



"If you are looking for help getting your creative juices flowing, Traci is the perfect mentor. She has helped me to reconnect with myself as a writer, a creative outlet that has been bottled up for years. Not only does she have some effective and practical tips, but her warmth and sensitivity are the icing on the cake."


Pam Park

Prose Reviews

An intensive review is a fiction or creative nonfiction critique of material up to 20 double-spaced pages. I consider elements like style, form, voice, pacing, characters, and specific areas important to you. Editorial notes and comments will be dotted within the manuscript and sent to you via email. Feedback is always kind and constructive. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of your project. 3-day turnaround. Contact me. 

A global review is less detailed than an intensive review, and applies to stories, creative nonfiction essays or novel chapters up to 15 double-spaced pages. I address your main areas of interest and we discuss everything via telephone call (up to 60 minutes). This is a dense and useful discussion about a piece that really matters to you. $150. 2-day turnaround. Contact me!


  • Reviews may focus on an element or elements you specifically ask me to consider.

  • Brief email follow-up questions are included in the review price. More in-depth discussions are exchanged via phone and charged as a writing coaching service.



Does your polished writing need one final comb-through before you send it to a magazine, university database, or very important reader? I'll happily proofread your work and note any little things that need attention: punctuation fixes, language ambiguities, extra/missing words, misspellings, and formatting inconsistencies. You know when your brain is fried and your eyes need a break!


I proofread all sorts of literary and creative writing: fiction, nonfiction, articles, critical writing and MFA theses. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of your project. In general, I proofread 8-15 pages per hour. 1-49 pp: $45/hour. 50+ pp: $35/hour. Contact me!


Other Help-Outs


  • Intuitive writing tools that will help you write through tough subjects or add emotional depth to your work. 

  • Guidance with publishing stories or essays in online and print markets. 

  • Direction for giving dynamic public readings.

  • Learn how to use improv or journaling to loosen up your writing. 

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