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Resources for
personal growth via
self-reflective or expressive writing

Websites to Explore

Sue Meyn, Journal Magic

Kay Adams, Center for Journal Therapy

Diane Morrow, Writing and Healing

Kaveri Patel, Wisdom in Waves

Jill Teague, Out of the Blue Writing

Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way



"The Art of Feeling Your Feelings" by author, coach, and lecturer, Helena Onneby [guest post on the Food Pharmacy blog.]

If you're curious about this just-for-you writing that has the potential to heal and reduce stress (among other benefits!), or if you want new ways to deepen your personal journaling practice, visit Sue Meyn's or Kay Adams' web sites for a bounty of articles, support and suggestions. 


Reflective writing can be as simple as finding paper and pen, a quiet corner, and for five minutes, writing your answers to the question: "This is what's happening in my life/how I feel right now." The key things are not to worry about perfect writing. This writing will be just for you. Write quickly, don't think, keep your pen in motion, and try to be gentle with yourself as you go. When your five minutes end, sit back, breathe and notice how you feel. 

If you have questions or would like personalized support in this area, contact me!

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