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I'm captivated by what happens when we freewrite about our lives and share in a supportive group. We laugh. We sometimes tear up. We listen and feel heard. We learn that other people feel confused, passionate, lost and uncertain. The writing-together process also reminds us we're all human here, and doing our best, which I think needs repeating as often as possible. 

Sometimes before we write, we may think, "Jeez, what do I have to say?" But after a little while, and a certain prompt, and knowing we're here doing the same brave thing, we find we have a lot to write. This I find amazing. 
I think a big part of writing is trust. Trusting our voices. Trusting that what we say will be worthy-- no matter how few or many people are around to hear us read those words. Even if we consider ourselves painters, pilots, street sweepers. 

Thank you for writing with me. You make my life brilliant!

I hold an MFA in Writing (Fiction) from Pacific University, a BA in Studio Art/Photography from Scripps College, and a certificate in creative writing from Phoenix College. 

About Traci

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