I'm captivated by what happens when we write about our lives and share in a close-knit group. We laugh. We tear up. We listen and feel heard. We learn that, gosh, other people feel confused, passionate, lost and uncertain. The writing-together process also reminds us we're all human here, and doing our best, which I think bears repeating as often as possible!
Sometimes, before we write, we may think, "Jeez, what do I have to say?" But after a little while, and a certain prompt, and knowing we're here doing the same brave thing, we find a lot to write. This I find amazing.
A big part of writing is trust. Trust your voice. Trust your need for creative space. Trust that what you say will be worthwhile-- no matter how few or many people are around you to hear it. Even if you consider yourself more of a painter or a pilot than a writer. 

Since 2019 I've been involved with the University of Arizona's Art for Justice - Free Time program, a letter-writing correspondence program that connects community artists and volunteers with incarcerated writers. I hold an MFA in Writing (Fiction) from Pacific University, a BA in Studio Art/Photography from Scripps College, and a certificate in creative writing from Phoenix College.

Thank you for writing 
with me. You make my life brilliant!


About Traci