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Listen & Flow is on-the-spot personal/narrative writing in a welcome space. Here, we don't worry about editing or perfection. We arrive as we are and write what needs saying. Using prompts, we scribble for short periods, then read aloud. Deep listening and quiet acknowledgement replace critique or commentary. Week after week, this unique practice fosters friendship, healing and the richest writing around. 

$20 per class. Limit 6. If you don't love your first class, it's free! Classes are purchased in advance in multi-class packages via PayPal. Admin and payment details will be exchanged with you once you RSVP. 


Questions? Contact me!

Sundays        RSVP here by 5pm Fridays

10am-11:30am AZ time

9/27:  3 spots open  (Ann, Shannon, Tammy)

10/4:  6 spots open

10/11:  6 spots open

Tuesdays      RSVP here by 5pm Sundays

10am-12pm AZ time

9/29:  2 spots open  (Ann, Jeanne, Jessie, Tori)

10/6:  2 spots open  (Ann, Ellen, Jessie, Julie)

10/13:  4 spots open  (Ann, Jessie)

Thursdays - Biweekly      RSVP here by 5pm Tuesdays

9:30am-11:30am AZ time

10/8:  5 spots open  (Jill) 

10/22:  5 spots open  (Jill) 

11/5:  6 spots open



This class is for writers of all experience levels. If you hope to improve your writing, wonderful. If you're an experienced writer, wonderful. If you haven't written since grade school, wonderful. The only things you'll need: curiosity, openness, and a willingness to write as honestly as possible. 

We'll write using our favorite pens and notebooks. Laptop writing taps a different part of the brain that, I believe, interferes with the "raw" and beautiful process of Listen & Flow writing. 


Questions?  Contact me.

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