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Dear Writing Friends...

I am thinking of you today. You who have written with me around so many tables: the round patio table whose red paint has faded in the sun. The maple table in the dining room that sleeps under Mom’s antique white cloth; a tablecloth that's still as wrinkled as the last time you were here. And let’s not forget the tables at our treasured libraries, community centers and virtual spaces. Thank you!

Dear writing friends, I’ve put away that little packet of tissues, the centerpiece to our writing. On the back patio, the bamboo chimes still clack in the wind. Your hummingbird friends zip around me to get to the feeder. This Tuesday I sat out there to write for you and read my words to the air.

Dear writing friends, we’re deep in the soup of our lives right now. So much is upon us-- more than I could ever write in my allotted twelve minutes. Can we handle this? I think so. In these strange days, about the only thing I'm sure of is that writing (like art-making, meditation, nature) can help. Maybe it’s journaling to de-stress; or letter-writing on the back porch. Maybe it’s scribbling fiction online with our pals.

Dear writing friends, this is an invitation. A freewrite that says remember? A note of proof that all your words hold weight.


I hope you're taking care of yourself these days. I hope you've found sweet ways to connect with and support the people you love. I hope you've allowed some room to cook or make your art, or study those wildflowers.

I've been busy around here-- trying to do those things myself-- and reach out to you and the people I care about. Every hour is different! Though the anxiety comes and goes, I try to keep returning to the now. I keep remembering I'm here. Feet on the floor. Back against this chair. Mesquite tree limbs dancing in the wind not far from my window.

When I'm grounded like this, I know we can build good things during this crazy time. Don't ask me how yet, exactly, but I've begun to fill a page with ideas. Things I can offer you in terms of wellness and imagination and friendship that can inspire and support you day by day.

In addition to my weekly Sunday and Tuesday Listen & Flow online classes, I'm dreaming up a few more virtual events related to self-reflection and healing. If you've never written with us online, it's like having a meaningful conversation with treasured friends from the comfy-ness of your own home. Did you know there's even a money-back guarantee? If you don't love your first online class, it's free. You can even connect with us by phone if that sounds more fun to you.

I think no matter what, writing needs to happen-- in good times and in awfully weird times like now. I say find yourself a pen and paper, and pour.

Wishing you well. And thank you. :)

Big (virtual) hugs,


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