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Listen & Flow



"This afternoon’s experience with you and the other beautiful women writers was of immense help to me-not just with my writing but on a much more personal level. I was (very happily) surprised at being able to write about the most painful chapter in my life. Now, thanks to you and the group, I have begun. Cathartic is really not the best descriptive. Perhaps we could say together we created an opening where I feel safe to explore a part of my life that has been on hold for close to 40 years."    --   Tori Smith

"Writing with Traci, I'm continually struck by her honesty and singular voice. Her ability to notice and record the beautiful (and sometimes painful) details of life is a steady reminder to pay attention to my own life and to write as honestly as I can. In a noisy world, where it's often hard to gather my thoughts, much less write them down, I can't think of a more beautifully gentle teacher than Traci. Write with her."    --   Liz Culpepper

"I loved the spontaneity and the closeness that came to be in our group as we shared in the ways we did. It's a beautiful offering of yours, and you lead it and support us participants with such sensitivity, so, so well! I feel you are truly gifted in this."  --   Ellie Rose Wilder

"Hearing other people share their stories was a powerful part of the class that I didn't initially think would be. I took the class because I wanted a space to practice writing as a form of personal development and reflection. I was happy to find not only this, but also a space to learn from others and be vulnerable in sharing my own stories."    --  Alison Climes

"Traci, you are very good at what you do. Thank you for providing such a healing format where we could write and share so honestly. It was truly transformative for me."  --  Julie Ramirez                                        


"At first I wanted to write for a chance to have a little ME time. Then it was quite cathartic to "let it all out" exercising old hurts from my psyche. Now, I just enjoy hanging out with three bright, insightful women trying to be better today than they were yesterday. We are mothers, wives and so much more as we search for that 'more' on Sundays for a hour and a half. Thank you."  --  Deirdre Chandler

The Garden of Writing Retreat



"The Garden of Writing is a memorable experience for any writer. This is my second experience with Traci in the Garden retreat setting and as before I walked away with a refreshed approach to my creative thinking and a deeper sense of introspection that serves me well in every aspect of my life. Many thanks for a magical day!"

-- Brooke 


"I will start by saying that Traci's Garden of Writing retreat was thoughtfully put together. Every detail was crafted to perfection. A labor of love, one might say! I enjoyed the writing activities, and loved the moments of deep connection with the other women. I left feeling recharged, renewed and inspired. A day to be cherished!" -- Bea

"The Garden of Writing was a thoughtful and peaceful retreat.  During the walking meditation, as I slowly and silently moved through Traci’s yard, I noticed beautiful plants and trees and lovely objects of nature.   An hour of quiet time to myself gave me a chance to read, reflect and write.  I wondered,  “Was time passing differently that day?”  At the end of the afternoon, after our group had written and shared our ponderings, I realized with Traci’s guidance, that the day had given us thoughtful opportunities for quiet relaxation, to savor the present moment.  Traci gave us several invitations throughout the day to express ourselves through writing and spoken words (there were a few laughs among us too!) At the end of the afternoon, I felt satisfied and grateful.  Thank you Traci!" -- Julie 


"Thank you for the very special writing retreat in your beautiful home and garden... I enjoyed meeting the other ladies and sharing experiences through our writing. It was a glorious day. Thanks for the care and thought you put into every aspect of the day... I identified what needs to be nurtured in my garden!"  -- Linda

"First of all thank you Traci, for hosting such a lovely and spirit-nourishing retreat! It was so wonderful to give myself permission to rest, reflect, write and spend time with such a great group of women. I appreciated all the little details of the day that were so important to allow us to take a pause and reflect... What a gorgeous day it was!"   --  Pam

"The day was all I hoped it would be thanks to [your] preparation, patience and laid-back hospitality... I appreciated your honesty in your writing and sharing yourself right along with us -- not setting yourself apart as our "teacher." That takes confidence and humility. Thank you."  --  Trish

"Traci, thank you for an inspiring and enriching day in the cozy comfort of your living room and then out in your beautiful southwest garden. I loved the entire day and connecting with [everyone]. I came home and told my husband that the seven of us women truly "felt the day".  -- Ellen

Writing Coaching 



"... Traci is a wise and deep cheerleader. I struggled to find what I needed in this project called “my writing": piles of journals and loads of recordings. How, what, where was I to go? ...Traci listened compassionately and acted as a guru of sorts in that she “zen’d” me into my process though I didn't know where I was going... A writing coach who gets you going, and doesn't just get you started... that is true mentoring. Be cultivated, be fostered, be nurtured by Traci as your coach. Supercalifragilousdicexpialidolicious!"  --  Alison Torba

"If you are looking for help getting your creative juices flowing, Traci is the perfect mentor. She has helped me to reconnect with myself as a writer, a creative outlet that has been bottled up for years. Not only does she have some effective and practical tips, but her warmth and sensitivity are the icing on the cake."  --  Pam Park

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