listen & flow 

Upcoming classes


Tuesdays on Zoom  RSVP


10/19:  2 spots open (Jeanne, Jessie, Julie, Tori)

10/28:  (no class)

11/2:  5 spots open (Tori)

Sundays on Zoom  RSVP


10/17:  2 spots open  (Kelly, Linda, Tammy, Shannon)

10/31:  6 spots open

11/14:  6 spots open

Listen & Flow is no ordinary writing class. It’s on-the-spot creative writing about our lives -  in an open, non-critical space. Here we're going for honest, not perfect. We don't plan or force our words. We don’t even try to write well. Instead, we listen to each prompt and use our pens to just explore, fall off the deep end, zip from subject to subject, be real. After each writing session, we read aloud. In place of commentary, we offer our quiet thanks. 

Listen & Flow opens us up. When we write and read together in small groups like these, we remember we're all human - enduring, growing, dealing with stupid and special and complicated stuff. This unique experience is as much about true storytelling as it is about unity. If you don't love your first class, it's free!

Listen & Flow is for writers of all experience levels. If you don't write much, or if you've been writing for years, you're welcome here. The main things you need for Listen & Flow: curiosity and openness. 

$20 for online classes. $25 for Tucson classes. Classes are purchased in advance. Admin details will be sent after you RSVP. Sliding scale options are available for budget-conscious writers who want to write with us on a regular basis. 


We'll write using our favorite pens and notebooks. Hooray for simplicity!


Questions?  Contact me.