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Suit Up and Dive In

As a young person, I spent many hours in swimming pools. Swim practice was a place mostly to learn things. To contract or lengthen muscles. Where vulnerability and commitment led to strength-gathering, and certain achievements.

Since then, I've added other forms of practice to my life. In yoga, I sit still, or move through poses. The ideal is to not think, but to be. A similar experience happens when I write: my active mind steps back so my free-flowingness can go to town.

To me, writing practice is as much about that free-flow stuff as it is about pencils sharpened, bum in the chair. And staying a while.

Many times I shut my eyes and type. Though it doesn't make sense, not looking helps. Usable thoughts pop up. Freewriting is a way-too-easy, direct line to the highest shelf of my consciousness. It works for everyone. All we have to do is show up and get moving.

So let's not worry about whether our suits fit right. The water temperature's warmer than you think. It's practice time. Go ahead and dive in. Move your arms and legs around. Kick with intention. I promise you'll end up with something good.

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