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listen & flow

Saturday June 4   |  2-3:30pm
Bisbee Holistic Wellness Center

Listen & Flow is in-the-moment narrative writing about our lives -  in an open, non-critical space. Here we're going for honest, not perfect. We don't plan or force our words. We don’t even try to write well. Instead, we listen to each prompt and use our pens to explore, fall off the deep end, zip from subject to subject, be real. After each writing session, we read aloud. In place of commentary, we offer our quiet thanks. 

Listen & Flow opens us up. When we write and read together in small groups like these, we remember we're all human, managing complicated stuff. This unique experience is as much about storytelling as it is about unity. 
Listen & Flow is for writers of all experience levels. If you don't write much, or if you've been writing for years, you're welcome here. The main things you need for Listen & Flow: curiosity and openness. 

$35. Limit 6 writers. 24 Howell Avenue, Bisbee. To register, contact Traci.

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writing from the heart

Saturday June 4   10:15-11:30am 
Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic
at the Bisbee Holistic Wellness Center

Writing from the Heart is a welcoming space for on-the-spot reflective writing and connection. Here we use open-hearted writing prompts to free our thoughts and true stories, then we share or discuss in a supportive way. Exercises and class content changes slightly from month-to-month. For writers of all experience levels. Limit 6.

Class registrations open May 20
. Join the Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic Facebook group or the BATC email list to be notified of sign-up dates for this class and other clinic services. Email Maggie Strate at  

This class is free. Donations accepted will benefit the Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic. 

The Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic is held on the first Saturday of the month. The clinic offers by-appointment therapies such as reiki, reflexology, clothed bodywork and craniosacral massage. If you have questions about the clinic, just ask me!


These are critique-free gatherings. We'll write in the moment, and either read our words aloud or discuss our insights/experiences. 

We'll write using our favorite pens and notebooks. No laptops or tablets please. Hooray for simplicity!

Questions? Contact Traci.