Life is complicated! Around ‘the stuff’ of every day, we may find it tough to slow our pace for even five minutes. Breathe is a thoughtful writing series dedicated to the simple and the now. For adult writers age 18 and up. Limit 8. Details.  

The Heart of Letters

Sometimes we're quiet when we have much to say: to the people we love or dislike, to ourselves, or to characters we may never meet again. Enter the humble, handwritten letter. Letters we write but never send can heal wounds, bring us joy, and reveal answers. In this workshop we explore unsent letter writing as a method for healing and self-discovery. For all writers. 

Creative Writers' Workout:

Exercises & Encouragement Toward a Healthy Writing Life

This class blends writing exercises with group discussion, inspiration, home practice and reading aloud. Among the topics we explore: how to start (or return to) writing and stay in motion; basics of writing with clarity and purpose; what to do with the inner critic; and why to cultivate writer-pals. This well-rounded workout will not only cheer you on but also strengthen your writing muscles. For all writers. 

The Garden of Writing Retreat

This special retreat is held outside, in two well-loved Tucson gardens. Here we explore nature-inspired creative and reflective writing exercises. We share our words aloud, discuss our insights, try a meditative wander and enjoy a picnic lunch with our new friends. At the heart of the day is connection. For adult writers of all skill levels. Please bring your favorite notebook, pen and brown bag lunch. Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be served. 

Listen & Flow 

Tuesdays, biweekly Sundays

@ the YMCA Tuesday series Nov: 2, 9, 16

Listen & Flow is a writing experience like no other. It’s about trusting the creative depth we already possess. In each class, we use poetry to propel us into our real-est stories. Words flow quickly, wherever they want to go, for several short periods. Messy is best. Courage is welcome! When we read our work aloud, others listen intently, and offer quiet thanks. This is healing work that connects and inspires every member of the group. 

Revision Land

Whether drafting a novel, story or poem, we eventually rework our words. In Revision Land, the rough draft is revered! Here, we discover new ways to address our raw material. We learn about writing places to visit, lounge around, or trim from our itineraries. Includes revision exercises, discussion, and the opportunity to read some of our freshened-up writing to the group. For all writers. 

Snapshot Memoir Writing

In this 2-part workshop we use our days-gone-by photographs as writing prompts. We look closely at the details. Imaginative writing exercises lead us into meaty stories waiting to be told. Also we learn how to compress these stories into short ‘flash’ essays that crackle with life. Includes writing exercises, reading aloud and discussion. For all adult writers. 

Whole Brain Writing

Some writers dissolve into creative writing with no awareness of the outside world. Others prefer to wrestle a messy draft into shape. In this workshop we invite our dreamy and rational brains to work together to produce part of an essay, poem or story. Includes a short lecture, freewriting, discussion, revision, and group readings. 

Words Over Coffee

Here's your chance to chat with people like you who like books, storytelling, reading and scribbling. Grab your cup of coffee and your computer-y device and join us online via Zoom. Limit 5. Details.  

Writing for Self-Reflection

Research shows that consistent self-reflective journaling in a focused manner can reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. To explore this therapeutic practice, we use JournalCards and inwardly-focused writing exercises. As a group, we discuss our insights and surprises, and learn how this just-for-us writing can enhance and change our lives. For all adult writers. Details. 

Teen Blog, Book & Media Review 

While teenage readers enjoy young adult literature, they especially like anything written by people their age. In this class, teens learn to inject their personalities and perspectives into their blog, book or media reviews, later publishable in online or print sources. Includes writing exercises and publishing tips. For all teen writers.

The Quiet Workhorse

Action movies receive lots of attention, but what about those quiet stories? How do writers present subtle conflict when tension exists beneath the plot, within the character, or outside the action? In this class we dig into the powers of understatement and subtext in prose. Includes a lecture, writing exercises and group discussion. 


This workshop is for any teen writer who wants a new way to create. For the first hour we jump up and try simple improv exercises; in hour two, we write from imaginative prompts, read what we wrote, and discuss. This non-competitive class is friend-building, laugh-worthy, and little bit zany, which everyone needs. Right?