Snapshot Memoir Writing

Mondays, October 12 & 19


In this workshop we use days-gone-by photographs to illuminate those unique, forgotten stories only we can tell. Also we learn how to revise our raw writing into a short ‘flash’ essay that zings with life. Includes writing exercises, reading aloud and discussion. For all adult writers. 

$40. Limit 6. Held online via Zoom, AZ time. Click here to register.



For this workshop, you'll need five or more printed, vintage, personal family photographs that stand out to you for particular reasons. Choose images that:

- Have a strong personal significance to you

- Include you or close family members

- Contain certain "moods" that intrigue you

- Contain backgrounds may show a variety of details, unique architecture or natural environments

- Photos should be at least 10 years old

We'll write using pens and notebooks. We tend to be more grounded and creative when we write using old-fashioned materials like pen and paper. 


Questions?  Contact me.