WordPlay (Teens)


This workshop is for teen writers who want a new way to create. For the first hour we jump up and try simple improv exercises; in hour two, we write from imaginative prompts, read what we wrote, and discuss. This non-competitive class is friend-building, laugh-worthy, and little bit zany, which everyone needs. Right? 

For teen writers. 

Event Details


Group improv games. These are easy exercises anyone can learn. No need to be a comedian or fancy or competitive! We play these games together, go with the flow, move around and allow ourselves to mess up. Completely low-stress fun.


Free-writing exercises and reading aloud. Imaginative prompts and free-writing time happens in the second hour. We'll follow our noses, and say yes to whatever pops up for us, then read aloud. It's always fascinating to hear what everyone writes from the same prompt. In place of commentary, we offer just smiles and quiet thanks. 


Special requests. We're usually more free and creative when we write with just pen and paper. And we want free and creative in this class! So please bring your favorite notebook and pen. Thank you. 


Questions?  Contact me.