Whole Brain Writing

(4/15 event postponed)

Do you dissolve into creative writing with no awareness of the outside world? Or are you more tickled by the challenge of wrestling a draft into shape? In this workshop we invite our dreamy and rational brains to work together to produce part of an essay, poem or story. Includes writing, discussion, revision and reading aloud. For adult writers of all experience levels. 

Event Details


Free-writing exercises. Writing prompts and free-writing can lead us into amazing creative places. The idea is to grab whatever line or image from the prompt "calls to you" then start writing. You write as honestly as possible while you keep your pen moving across the page. This method may sound counter-intuitive, but it draws out our richest material.


Revision. I'll present a few suggestions for how you switch into left brain mode and study your work from the position of "gentle" editor. With an open-minded focus, you trim, add and polish a short section of your raw writing produced earlier in our free-writing session.


Reading aloud. After a writing session and/or revision, you'll be invited to read your work aloud to the group. It's voluntary! In place of commentary, we offer smiles and quiet acknowledgments. 


Special requests. Writers tend to be more grounded and creative when they write using old-fashioned materials like pen and paper. Please, no laptops or computers. I promise you, it works.


Questions?  Contact me.