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Bless the hummingbird

January 31, 2018

who hit the window and ricocheted into the watering can. I'm so sorry, I said to her, over and over. I sighed down into my toes, then placed her under the pecan tree to soak in sun. Bless the orange paper spirals I taped to every window so the next birds see streamers instead of sky.
Bless me for trying so hard and running into these bricks I stack around myself. Last weekend I was drained from over-writing, over-doing.
Bless Patrick who saw my face and asked me what I needed. 
Bless that vision of my brain removed, soaked in spring water a few hours, then re-installed.


Bless the cockroaches for their exoskeletons that’ve let them to crawl for eons.
Bless the worm in lane eight at the track yesterday: this tired-looking squiggle, silent.
Bless the short eucalyptus stilled by the freeze of '11, now a sculpture for the doves.
Bless all of us for trying. For breathing, even now.



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