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Just Here With You

March 16, 2015

Though I spend many days hanging out with words, I rarely have the guts to show you what I made. But here we are! For two months I've moved elements and rewritten blurbs in these text boxes. I've messed around with a hundred thousand bells-and-whistles on this website a hundred-thousand times. Now I sit back in my chair, accept that this design stuff is done enough, and I write these words to you.


I'll have you know I bought this chair at the office supply place at the Colonnade mall. The chair's wheels make a funny sound when they roll across my office floor. Among a sprinkling of rice cake pebbles. Around book stacks and papers yet to be filed. Maybe you want to know about my keyboard? It's one of those ergonomic split-apart styles that help...


I digress. 


Right now this is me not writing a life-changing message. This is me making words into the shape of a paragraph. Sometimes I'm just shaping paragraphs. I'm wearing my comfy clothes. My hair's messy. I'm just here with you. Writing. 


That's all.


I hereby give you permission to also be this ordinary! This vulnerable. May it free you of some big or little burden. So you can leap more often. 



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