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Looking Glasses

Right now, in the middle of your very important day, take ten minutes off. Step away from your whatever-it-is. Walk up to a window and stare. Yeah, stare.

See what's moving. See what's still. See what the clouds are doing. Watch people and cars, trees. Study that critter on the wall. Wonder.

Wonder some more.

Now walk outside. You're kid-like: you got nothing better to do. Ignore the neat little path. Be aimless! Notice what bumps into your awareness and says, "Hi!"

Pull out your imaginary magnifying glass. Get a good close look at what's here. Absorb every detail. Reach out and touch textures. Breathe in.

. . .

Shuffle back to civilization. Find a pen, paper, and a comfy place to sit. Write your experience in free-flow style. Let those sentences flow like water. Write. Any. Thing. Don't worry. Your paper will catch every drop. You'll know you're done when your words stop.

. . .

Look around. What happened? How do you feel? Consider this in a lazy way. Say thanks. If you wanna, tell me what it was like.

. . .

Boy, did you do well. Some day, try it again. No matter what the clock says. You may now return to your whatever-it-is.

Here's to wonderment!

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