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northwest Tucson

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Tuesdays  |  10am-12:30pm

​Online Listen & Flow will temporarily replace live classes.  You can write with us online on Sundays 10am-11:30am or Tuesdays 10am-12pm via Zoom Live Video. For more info, click here

Listen & Flow is on-the-spot memoir writing in a friendly space. Our main goal is honesty, so we don't worry about writing well. Instead, we show up as we are, and let go. Writing prompts are the "doorways" we use to enter our stories.  Sincere thank yous replace critique or commentary. Week after week, this unique practice fosters friendship, healing and the richest writing around. Light refreshments will be served.


For women writers. Limit 6. Multiple class packages are available for $25 per class. Single classes: $30. Classes are held near Ina and Oracle. 

Please send me your 'yes' RSVP by 12pm on Sundays. 

If at least two writers are registered for the event, we'll write. Otherwise, I'll postpone until the next Tuesday.

Payments for packages or single classes can be made by cash/check/PayPal at any event. Admin/location details will be sent to you after you RSVP. Please look for a note from me (might be stuck in a spam folder). 


Questions? Just contact me!

"This afternoon’s experience with you and the other beautiful women writers was of immense help to me-not just with my writing but on a much more personal level. I was (very happily) surprised at being able to write about the most painful chapter in my life. Now, thanks to you and the group, I have begun. Cathartic is really not the best descriptive. Perhaps we could say together we created an opening where I feel safe to explore a part of my life that has been on hold for close to 40 years."

                                                                       -- Tori Smith




This class is for writers of all experience levels. If you hope to improve your writing, wonderful! If you're an experienced writer, wonderful. If you haven't written since grade school, wonderful. The only things you'll need: curiosity, openness, and a willingness to write as honestly as possible. 

Refreshments. (For NW Tucson events only) Tea, coffee and a range of delectable & healthy snacks will be served. If you prefer another beverage, please bring it along.

We'll be writing with our favorite pens and notebooks. Laptop writing taps a different part of the brain that, I believe, interferes with the "raw" and beautiful process of Listen & Flow writing. 


Questions?  Contact me.



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