is a blend of personal-memoir writing, sharing and healing in a welcome space. Our goal is to write honestly, about whatever's most real to us, right now, even if it's messy or unsophisticated. When we write like this, we resonate.


Poems are the "diving boards" from which we leap into our stories. We write as quickly as possible, without editing or choosing words. After each of three writing periods, we read aloud to the group. In place of critique or commentary, we offer sincere and quiet thanks. This super-special healing work always brings people together. It also reveals how amazing stories happen when we show up, just as we are!

Classes are small so we can get to know each other and have time to write and share within the two-hour time frame. The intimate group size also offers everyone the sense of safety.

listen & flow


4 Week series

2/13 - 3/6    4 to 6pm

Northwest YMCA

Pima Arts Center

Offered through the Pima County Natural Resources Parks & Recreation Department

Limit 8   $65


8 Week series

3/7 - 4/25   10am to 12

Traci's Home & Garden

in Northwest Tucson

Coffee, tea and light snacks

will be served

Limit 6   $150

Sundays Online

8 Week series

3/18 - 5/6  3-5pm

Online via Zoom Live Video (AZ time)

Limit 6   $130

"Writing with Traci, I'm continually struck by her honesty and singular voice. Her ability to notice and record the beautiful (and sometimes painful) details of life is a steady reminder to pay attention to my own life and to write as honestly as I can. In a noisy world, where it's often hard to gather my thoughts, much less write them down, I can't think of a more beautifully gentle teacher than Traci. Write with her."

                                                                              -- Liz Culpepper


Event Details


Listen and Flow is towns, cities and planets away from going-for-A grade writing. It's personal writing; but whatever pops up for you in the moment after hearing the prompt. This speedy writing jumps over the inner critic and allows us to tap into our intuition, where the really good stuff waits. 


Poetry prompts. Poems are the leaping-off points into this writing. We listen close and grab whatever images pull at us. When we're honest and forgetting "perfect," we make rich, gooey stuff. And the sharing of it brings us together. We'll have about three poems, and three 15-minute writing sessions during each 2-hour meeting. 


Reading aloud, with freedom. This is a welcoming place for everyone to write and share. We don't exchange feedback in Listen & Flow. After each writer reads, we offer eye contact and a sincere thank you for what we hear.  When given this accepting space, writers have much more freedom to go wild with their stories. 


This class is for writers of all experience levels. If you hope to improve your writing, wonderful! If you're a guru-writer, wonderful. If you haven't written since grade school, wonderful. The only things you'll need: curiosity, openness, and a willingness to write as honestly and as imperfectly as possible. A sprinkling of courage is also welcome.


To preserve the integrity of this sweet writing practice, please...

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can all chat and get situated before we begin.

  • Bring your favorite pen and notebook. Laptop writing taps a different part of the brain that, I believe, interferes with the "raw" and beautiful process of Listen & Flow writing.

  • Turn your cell phones to silent, and leave them in a place away from the writing area. Thank you.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these requests, please contact me. 


This class is offered through the Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department. 


Questions?  Contact me.